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About Us

who we are

Kawffee’s founder, KEN, is a coffee lover. He has been in the coffee industry for more than 10 years. He has his own thought for the coffee bean, brewing and preparation methods. With the new evolving technology and people’s life are getting busier, Ken realized that people do not have the time to do all the brewing but slowing moving to instant coffee drink.

In 2018, Ken has finally come out with a series of Kawffee 3 in 1 Coffee / White Coffee.

All Malaysians must have been listened to this word before and already used to it to replace with “Thick”. With the enthusiasm to coffee and tradition, we hope Kawffee could offer strong aromatic and “Kaw” traditional coffee.

Coffee Knowledge

Tasting Attributes

Sweetness How much sweetness does the coffee have? When talking about green coffee bean, it contains a reasonable quantity of simple sugars. These …

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