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Kawffee’s founder, KEN, is a coffee lover. He has been in the coffee industry for more than 10 years. He has his own thought for the coffee bean, brewing and preparation methods. With the new evolving technology and people’s life are getting busier, Ken realized that people do not have the time to do all the brewing but slowing moving to instant coffee drink. In 2018, Ken has finally come out with a series of Kawffee 3 in 1 Coffee / White Coffee.

Started from 2017, Ken wanted to bring the real coffee aroma and taste of traditional coffee to all the coffee lovers. He tried to formulate the instant coffee which are as good as the traditional coffee in terms of aroma and taste. In 2018, Ken has finally come out with a series of Kawffee 3 in 1 Coffee / White Coffee.

Ken personally formulate all the recipes. He insists to use “Real Food Idea” with no flavouring and coloring in order to preserve the original taste of the coffee bean and consumers can enjoy it.

Kawffee is easy to pronounce. Kaw is Hokkien vocabulary which means “Thick”. All Malaysians must have been listened to this word before and already used to it to replace with “Thick”. With the enthusiasm to coffee and tradition, we hope Kawffee could offer strong aromatic and “Kaw” traditional coffee.

In order to launch Kawffee to whole Malaysia, Ken decided to first sell through internet. This not only can lower the cost and to control the selling price, but also can serve our customers better and know their requirements for the products directly.

Ken’s motto is “Money is yours but resources belong to the society”. Ken is a recycling supporter and does not want Kawffee products bring any harm to the earth. So, he decided to use recyclable packaging for his product and thus not to create additional rubbish to the earth.



  • Our mission is to be in a class above our competitors by providing personalized service and better coffee experience to ourselves and our customers.
  • To earn the trust of our customers, employees, partners and our community and to contribute to good development and prosperity



  • To be established and trusted as the perfect coffee business partner
  • To be a leader in innovation, service and quality
  • To be among the most admired and respected companies in our industry



  • Honesty, Integrity, Reliability
  • To be open minded, to listen, to care and to be pro-active
  • To be innovative and pragmatic

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