2 in 1 White Coffee Breve


Kawffee’s 2 in 1 White Coffee Breve is formulated with only instant coffee powder and non-dairy creamer. There is no additional white sugar added into the formulation. It tastes bitter, not sweet but milky. Suitable for those who consume no-added-sugar beverage.

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Product information:
(a) Brand : Kawffee
(b) Packing size: 20g x 15sticks
(c) Expired date: 2 years from manufacturing date
(d) Ingredients: Non-dairy creamer and Instant Coffee Powder.
(e) Storage conditions: Keep in cool and dry place.
(f) Serving suggestion: One stick of Kawffee 2 in 1 White Coffee Breve + 150ml 80°C hot water then stir well and enjoy!


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